Friday, March 27, 2015

Every Girl Should Know:

"You are beautiful, Miss Maddie," the little girl I babysit tells me.
Here I am sitting: messy haired, sloppy, makeup less disaster in jeans and a sweatshirt, but somehow she sees beauty. She: ocean-eyed, golden-faced, little girl smiling back at me. She's the one who is pretty,
"You are beautiful too," I tell her.
Then, she nods her head and says, "Mmmhhhmmm.God made me beautiful."
And I am a lost for words. If only every girl in the world could say that with so much confidence. Why can't we? Lies? Insecurity? Social-media?

So I went outside today because I have Spring fever and beauty was everywhere. I practiced photography on Caroline, my beautiful sister. 

All her life Caroline has battled eczema. We do not know why. Through countless diets, lotions, and ointments nothing takes it away. 

So while I'm complaining about one pimple or my nail polish coming off, Caroline is making the best of things with cuts covering most of her body. 

The world is telling us we need flawless skin...but whoever said beauty had to be flawless? 

Beauty is so much deeper. Caroline may have cuts all over but she does not hide. She does not curl up and pout. She models for pictures and smiles wide and she is still beautiful, totally gorgeous. She knows God made her and He did not make a mistake.

I know that there are voices out there telling you what beauty is and what it is not, and everyone has their own opinion, but I think there is beauty even in the rusty nail on a broken porch. If you cannot find beauty in your mirror, look again.

Maybe your standards are just twisted. Maybe you are looking through the wrong lens. Take a second look. Spot the beauty in the broken. 


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  1. I cannot even describe how much this inspired me. Your sister is very strong, incredibly brave, and definitely beautiful. We need to focus less on those mascara and foundations ads telling us we 'look wrong' and more on the balanced beauty of God. (Even that rusty little nail is gorgeous!) Let's all judge a bit less. :)

    1. Well said... I feel the same way. Caroline inspires me every single day and I was so thrilled to share some of that here. So glad you found this old post. It's one of my personal favorites. :)

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  3. This is very inspiring...btw what camera do you use?....i love your photography :)

  4. This post is amazing. I totally agree with u. Well said.