Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"The First Journey"

Point One

Brenda carried all her belongings in one sack. She stared up at the sky and gazed at the large mountains. She was leaving. Leaving her home in Dusk Town. She had to go. This valley, which had once been so amazing, was now bare. Her home was smoldering in the dust. A terrible army had attacked them... she knew nothing about the barbarians who had torn her town to pieces. All she knew was they were evil.

Suddenly she heard a whimper. The sound was so faint she could hardly make it out. Hope soared in her heart. Maybe she was not all alone in this destruction. Could someone else of survived? Silence. She pushed herself to her feet. It had been her imagination.

The sun was peaking out from behind the mountain top. Time to move. Brenda walked carefully around a broken chair and down what had once been a dirt road.

She heard a whimper. This time it was louder. Brenda walked faster toward the sound. She found herself staring face to face with a little boy.

He was muddy from foot to toe. He stared at her and blinked.

"Are you alright?" asked Brenda.

The boy whimpered and held up his tiny hand. It was bleeding.

"It is just a scrape,"Brenda murmured.

The child nodded and let Brenda wrap her handkerchief around his fist.

"What is your name?" asked Brenda curiously.

"Name is Hoe," declared the boy staring up at Brenda, "Where Ma?"

"Your Ma is gone Hoe. You better come with me. This place is no home for you anymore," Brenda said gently.

"Big mean knights take Ma? I want Ma!"shouted Hoe.

"Hoe, you have to come with me!" Brenda stated grimly.

"Hoe wait. Ma come. Ma always come," cried Hoe glaring up at Brenda.

"Hoe, your Ma is not coming back! You have to come with me!" stormed Brenda.

Hoe shook his head, "Hoe be good. Hoe wait. Ma come."

"Hoe, your Ma is not coming back! She is dead," Brenda said.

She took Hoe's hand and pulled him. He was strangely quiet. He let her tug him down through the rubble and into the forest. She did not look back. She could not. Her home was ruined. Now she would start a new adventure. Her heart ached, but she was going to be brave. She would find the City of Fire and start her new life there.

"Hoe stop. Hoe is tired," said the little traveler beside her.

Brenda groaned, "Hoe, you have to understand. We have hardly started. If you come along you have to keep up."

"Hoe not want to come," said Hoe.

"I could not have left you there alone,"growled Brenda.

"What big mean knights want? " Hoe asked bluntly.

Brenda shrugged her shoulders, " You sure do talk a lot for being so young. I do not know what they wanted. All I know is they are evil."

Something moved in the shadows and a great voice snarled, "I know who they are. They are evil alright!"

to be continued


  1. Wow.... Just wow.... Is this after ever after? Or another book I hope your going to finish and publish? Because it's AWESOME! I really want to read more! Sosososososossososososososososososososososososos much!!!! Please finish so I can read it 0R I shall DIE!!!!!!!!!! Ppppppplllllleeeeeeaaaasssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I'm sorry to tell you that this is just a continuing story I wrote on my blog. All of it that I ever wrote is here on my blog, but if you like this you'll love After Ever After. Don't worry. ;)

  2. I really like your story, Are you planning on writing more?