Tuesday, March 24, 2015

what sisters inspire you to do...

My sister was writing random poetic descriptions of things that she likes and she read them to me, so the writer in me was inspired and I tried one about love...

 little girl
with a heart as full as the world of people, and a soul even fuller.
she makes a home behind the locked door of every honestly-kind deed and every truly-caring thought. 
sometimes she is hidden
or mistaken, 
but she   n e v e r   betrays her closest friends.
she paces the heart of the human;
comes and goes as she pleases
free like a sparrow
just a little girl
not always wise, always tripping
but she is sincere when sincerity is lacked. 
she gives. she takes.  
she creates. she destroys. 
sometimes she stays; sometimes she doesn't. 
and sometimes she leaves behind an unfilled place in the hollowed heart of a human. 
so some despise her...
and some welcome her...
and some fail to notice her at all. 
but when all eyes open
and darkness melts away 
for once everyone will see
she is the last flicker left 
b e a u t y 


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