Tuesday, July 28, 2015

L O S T ~ L O V E

||  l o v e  ||

Where is love these days? 

We call it a click...attraction,
 being cool with eachother. 

Isn't there more than that?
 Isn't love bending down to wash another's feet? 
Isn't love stopping to see the unodicable? 
Isn't love another word for sacrifice?
 Or is that just my misinterpretation? 

All I know is 
if love is just finding someone who clicks, who's cool, 
or who's cute, 
than I don't want it. 

I want the love that means something...something more than being popular. 
I want to be exepted for my crazy self. 
I want respect and compassion.
 I want sweetness to be strength,
 not weakness.
 Is that even allowed?
 I want to be loved unconditionally...not because someone mistook me for being cute.
 I don't want love that is adorable... 
I want a love that is strong.
 Does that even exist anymore? 

I used to think it did, but sometime I look around and can't find it.

I'm an old soul...I apologize for that...but I am, 
and I cringe inside whenever I see that word,

l o v e 

thrown around like garbage. 

If love is what they say it is, than it is garbage...but there must be more. 

God once said He was love. 

 If the creator of the universe is love,
 this thing has got to be pretty special. 

Where is that love? 
That love that brought the creator to give up His own son for me, for you.
You'd think we'd find some of that kind of love reflected in His people, 
but sometimes...
sometimes I don't, 
and it makes me sad. 
I guess that's what sin does. 
It twists love into something stupid, and I hate that. 

<3 storyteller

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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We're piled in the car that's not suppose to fit all of us. Before we've started. "Uh oh! What?" Mom goes, eyes on her phone. "Andy says he is getting his molers pulled."
Grandpa smiles and gets the distant look in his eye, "Back when I was in the army I got my back molers pulled."
"What?" Shock fills Mom's eyes. 
"Yep, they said there wasn't any point of having molers," Grandpa continues. "They just tugged them right out."
"Don, are you sure those weren't your wisdom teeth?" demands Grandma suspiciously. 
"Oh wisdom teeth!!!??? Oh no, these were my back molers," drolls Grandpa with the look back in his eyes.
"There he goes again," Grandma sighs. 
We have a very strange family. I love that, and this week I've been able to spend a little more time with my lovely people. 

<3 storyteller

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kaleidoscope of Color

(just a creative name for a few mismatch photo collided into one post)


photography in bed

 I've just had that fairly content feeling you get after you've done some wonderful things and have some wonderful things ahead of you: 

That feeling when you realize you aren't perfect, 
but you're unique and special and dazzling 
in your own way 
since that's the way God made you and He's in control 
and because of that everything won't be perfect 
but at least you know everything's going to be 

That feeling. 
<3 storyteller

{Heads up: I won't be posting next week because I'll be away at camp. Consider yourself warned}