Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Where Are the Answers?

When you pray, ever feel like you're talking to no one? Slapping the air with each syllable? Bringing your deepest fears and dreams to an empty void? Sometimes I feel that way, yet other times I know God's listening but...

where are the answers?

I know that He brings hard stuff into our world  to build us up and bring us closer to Him, but sometimes I pray for help over and over and...

where are the answers?
On one of those nights, when anger was twisting a knot in my heart and I had to make a choice but I didn't know what to do, I prayed.
{I love to curl up on my bed at night under the moon light and bring my sorrows to my creator}
But that night it felt like I was just tumbling over my problems and getting no where. Desperate, I flipped through my bible and randomly landed on a page
One glance at the title of the chapter and my heart sank. It was a section of scripture that had nothing to do with what I was dealing with, nothing at all. 
sparks of anger ~ frustration ~ disappointment.   
But grudgingly I read those verses...
I ate them up like, my soul hungry.They had nothing to do with what I was dealing with. It didn't matter. Those beautiful verses stared at me.
I saw it then. 
I saw it there on the page,
my answer.

But the last verse of that section was the most incredible. It told me:

God always listens to the  prayers of His children,

Of course that is just one story out of so many...but my point is simply to remind you that your prayers are real. You are actually talking to the Creator of the Universe and He hears you. I'm reminding myself.

 Just 2 Questions:
Do you pray to hear God's voice or to hear yours?
When you go to pray are you seeking answers or are you seeking God?

We have a world of voices shouting that we are praying to nothing. They say our hope is a lie. In the future we must take a stand and decide, is prayer real?