Monday, February 16, 2015

After Ever After


About my novel in a month...

What would a world be like if everything ended with a happily ever after like it does in all the fairy tales? That is the world Aria lives in. It is ruled by the Owel race, believed to be a smarter race. Aria is just a normal girl...or so she thinks. She has a twin brother whose name is Bobby. He is not normal. He doesn't believe in Happily Ever After. When Owels send him to a special needs home, Aria feels pain, real pain, for the first time in her life. Pain is not supposed to bother people, but it bothers Aria. Maybe Bobby is right after all? Join Aria in her pursuit to find meaning in life that turns into a deathly mission to save her family and thousands of others living a lie. Life is no fairy tale. Will Aria press on even if it costs her the best friends she has or more? Adventure. Betrayal. Sacrifice.
-After Ever After

So right now I am just swimming through oceans of edit work. I hope to publish this even if all I do is self-publish it as an ebook. 


  1. So when do you think it will be published? I REALLY want to read it!!!

    1. Right now me and a friend are working on it. My goal is to finish my editing by the end of the summer. After that I'll start trying to publish.