Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sweet 16

We toured all day and we are exhausted. Stinky sweaty zombies, we pile into the car, but me and my friend exchange all knowing smiles. Her dad starts the engine...and that is the pivotal moment. He notices a bright orange slip of paper folded underneath the windshield wiper. All of us wait as he hops back out, takes the paper, and reads it. His shoulders drop and we hear him let out a sighhh. Parking ticket. Then he flips it over and reads the sprawled words across the back and he smiles. My friend and I cannot suppress it any longer. We fall over laughing. 
April Fools!

I hate those annoying moments when I make a joke and everybody stares at me in if I am not liable to a good sense of humor. That actually happens a lot for some reason, but those people just do not know that I am constantly cracking jokes at home. This April Fools was no different. 

This April Fools was a very special day. Our friends came eleven hours to spend Spring break with us. My friend and I have known each other since we were babies...yes, babies. We went touring and shopping on April Fools. To top all that off, it was the first day that I was 16. 

You heard me. With all the wild activities and insane April fools, I became 16, a very pivotal moment in my little world.

My birthday started when I was almost asleep and my friend fell on top of me, started bouncing on me, and singing happy birthday. It was 12:00. Afterwards, I thanked her, hugged her, and fell asleep.

For my birthday we baked a cake. My friend and I always bake has become a kind of tradition. We have decided if all else fails, we will set up a bakery one day together. So we found a recipe on her phone, raided the pantry, and created the best masterpiece of all cake history. At first we followed the recipe...but then there was not enough chocolate, and then it was not sweet enough, and then what's a chocolate cake without chocolate chips? 

Before I know it the day is closing and the cake is lit like a blazing bowl and they are singing Happy Birthday to me all around while I stand there awkwardly. Awkward because for once I am not the one singing. Then I suck in my breath.


And for the first time in forever, I blow all the candles out at once. I deserve major bonus points. This is the first time...which is kinda sad. Don't tell anyone.

After that, there are many beautiful emails from friends I never expected would remember my birthday, two sweet phone calls, and special gifts that I will treasure forever. Everything was perfect...

until it began to sink in. I was lying the dark and the truth hit me. There was no turning back. So my little life was shaken, and in bed at night it began to feel real. 
I am disaster, a crazy disaster. I am one of the weirdest 16 year old out there, but I cannot wait to live this next year and make my 16th year memorable. 
And I cried 
And I laughed
And I rededicated my faulty self to my Lord
So there
 is the story of how I became 16.


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