Saturday, January 19, 2013


The First Journey

Point Four

Hoe stared at the blank wall and stomped his foot. It was just like them. They had left him behind. Sure he had been a grump about the entire thing, but it was a shock to Hoe that they were not going to bring him along. They were taking the journey, and he was not going. Hoe made the biggest decision he had ever made. He was going after them. Sure he was terrified of the forests and he had no idea where the City of Fire was, but he knew one thing. Brenda had saved his life and he was not going to let her go to the city where great danger lurked alone.

"Hoe to the rescue!" the little boy said.

He was more terrified then he had ever been, but he was not going to be left behind.  As quietly as he could, he scooted the bedroom's single chair toward the window. Climbing up onto it, he started unfastening the window. After three tries, a very bruised Hoe toppled through the window and onto the rose hedge. For a moment Hoe did not move. Everything ached. Finally he climbed up and ran as fast as his little sore legs could wobble into the dark forrest.

"Hoe does not know where to look?" He mumbled to himself brushing thorns off his jacket and pants.

Suddenly he caught a glimpse of a foot print in the earth. It looked like Brenda's foot print. There were more up ahead. So with new encouragement, Hoe bounded after them. The faster he went the more tiered he got.

"Why did they leave Hoe in the first place? Now Hoe has to run and try to catch up. Hoe mad!" He declared to himself.

His feet started hurting with every step. Hoe persevered slower and slower into the woods. He was hungry since he had eaten nothing that entire day. What was there to eat? All he saw was never ending trees. After what seemed to Hoe hours, he came to a river. The footprints stopped at the water's edge.

"Now what Hoe supposed to do? Hoe stuck. Hoe hungry," he complained.

Squinting across the river, Hoe could barely make out a brown flat object tied to a tree on the other side. It was an old raft. Hoe felt hopeless.

"Hoe could catch fish. Hoe never caught fish before. Bad idea,"muttered Hoe.

He gazed at the rushing water despairingly. He would have to swim. Of course he knew this was dangerous, but it was the only way. Instead of waiting to make up his mind, he plunged into the water.

Hoe was suddenly fighting the current with all his energy(although he did not have a lot). He was choking, kicking, punching, and shrieking.

"Help me! Help me!" He wailed although he knew no one could hear him.

"Hold on!" shouted a voice that sounded to far away to offer Hoe much hope.

It gave Hoe enough hope to keep fighting the water though his muscles were hurting if he had any. A branch was thrust at him. He hung to it for dear life. With several abrupt yanks, he and the branch were hoisted to shore.

"You sure are not a real good swimmer, little guy," said someone or something above him.

Hoe peaked up and stared at a girl who looked much older then him but younger then Brenda. "Who you?" he asked weakly.

"Some people call me Fin, but my fancy title is Spy Finmath, " declared the girl. "I am looking for a runaway knight. His name is Sir Icmath."

to be continued 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The First Journey
Point Three
Brenda was starting to wonder if fallowing this knight was smart. She kept reminding herself that there was no other choice.
“What is Hoe going to do?” Brenda asked.
“I have other plans for Hoe,” returned the knight with a broad grin.
“Hoe not help knight!” Hoe shouted, glaring up at the knight.
The knight only laughed, “I think you and I are going to get along real well.”
Hoe scowled.
“I am tired of walking,” panted Brenda.
“We only have a little longer before we get to stop and rest at a friend’s house. Do not worry!” promised the knight.
“Hoe does not want to stop,” Hoe growled.
Brenda stopped and stared at Hoe, “One minute you want to stop and the next you want to keep going. I do not understand you Hoe.”
“He will probably change his mind once he tastes Mr.Wizzle-Wig’s stew,” announced Sir Icmath optimistically. “Here we are!”
 Brenda saw with relief a humble harmless looking cottage. It was a house that looked as though it came from a story book. It had two flower pots in front of the door filled with red pansies. Sir Icmath tapped the door with the tip of his shoe. A tiny old man answered.
“Icmath, I did not expect you,” the stranger said.
“Well, a lot happens in a year!” laughed Sir Icmath. “Tell me Mr.Wizzle-Wig, you do not happen to have any stew for the children do you?”
“Icmath? Have I ever not had stew on hand? Children, go into the kitchen. Help yourself to that big bowl of soup in there,” Mr. Wizzle-Wig offered hospitably.
Brenda pulled Hoe into the kitchen and immediately helped herself to a big bowl of soup. It was delicious. Hoe ate slowly with a big frown.
“Do not be so grumpy, Hoe,” scolded Brenda feeling annoyed.
Hoe looked up at her and said grimly, “Hoe does not like this.”
When the children finished eating, Mr. Wizzle-Wig led them to his spare room. Despite his uneasiness, Hoe was tired and he fell asleep immediately. It felt good to snuggle up on Mr. Wizzle-Wig’s feather bed. He woke up some time later and climbed out of bed. He trotted toward the door. It was locked! He looked around. Brenda was gone! Suddenly it hit him, he was all alone…
To be continued