Saturday, June 6, 2015

Sunshine In All Those Clouds

According to my family, I've been grumpy this week... I like to blame it on the weather. All week the sky has been cotton coated by clouds and the world has be sunless...scopeless. 
I've worked on math. 
Taken walks. 

And on one particular morning my creative mind was killing me so I wrote the beginning of a novel that I never intend to finish. It started out like this, 

"The world, a septic tank, breaking people down and sending them on unending journeys..."

 So yep. That was... fun.

And in this rainy week, questions have been spiraling through my head, questions that so many humans have tried to solve before. 
No answer.

We say the bible is the answer. But there are things that the bible doesn't specifically answer. So we continue to look for answers. In the end of the day, though, faith is all we're left with. 

Frustrating faltering faith. 

The scripture has one answer...the only answer that we are required to give on judgement day. That's all we must have, and the bible gives it to us so many times.  

Isn't that sort of comforting?

Sometimes the world looks bleak. The future so unknown. The older I get the darker the world around me gets. Insides it leaves me confused, scared, and sad, so sad. Everywhere there are marks of this sadness. 
Disgusting sin. 
Black Hate. 
Seething Pain. 
Sometimes I just want to give up. I don't want to live here surrounded by so much darkness and so little light...but once a long long time ago this world was beautiful. God saw it and said that it was good. And sometime, whether later or soon, this place will be made beautiful again, and God will see it and say that it is good. 

So even when the world feels like a septic tank tearing us apart, (gotta love my anologies) 
don't give up. 
This world is a dark place, but not hopeless. Even in a little kid's hug or the sight of a fawn playing in the valley, there is beauty, beauty behind all the clouds.
I promise.

<3 storyteller


  1. This is gorgeous – you are very poetic! (Thanks for the septic tank analogy – I haven't laughed that hard in a while!)
    Boy, do I know what you're feeling, though... being surrounded by the darkness of the world and just wanting to push it all away. *hugs* That last phrase is perfect: "... there is beauty, beauty behind all the clouds." Thank goodness God is our sunshine streaming through! I love your blog. Hope to see more here. :)

    1. Your comment was beautiful. It is so comforting to know I'm not alone. *hugs back* Comments like this one make my heart warm inside!