Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Warning / / Reminder / / Plea

water colors are a blast but in my fun I accidentally put the shadow in the wrong spot...ooops

She is sitting on a bench, people all around her.
Tight circles of chattery teens, and she's alone. So she tiptoes up to a group. That's bravery for her, bravery is going up to a circle. She waits for them to open up their world and let her {nervous insecure lost} in, but they don't see her. She is invisible,
 and sometimes invisible is mistaken as worthless. So she retreats, curls back up, recoils into her own world because that is the only place where she is 
s o m e b o d y.  

So, since a fellow blogger asked me to write about clicks and being dis-included, I finally got up enough courage too. I know my example seems a bit dramatic...and it is, but today I'm speaking out against clicks. 
I've been the one in the circle, the one blind to those girls on the bench, but I'm ashamed of that. Please step up and speak to the people on the benches. See those ones who aren't brave enough. Make someone feel special. Don't hurt a human by never taking time to see them! This is as much a reminder to me as it is to you. 

Loneliness can either build a human or break a human. 

I remember when I was about thirteen staring at the mirror and asking,

"What is wrong with me?" 

Through the reflection I saw the tiny tearfilled face of someone broken. I shook with sobs because I didn't understand why I was invisible to everyone and why I felt so alone. 

But loneliness broke me on the outside, and built me up in the inside. God took me from the world and brought me closer to Him. I found a new relationship with Him, a friendship. 

God never forsakes. 

I'm living proof of that. Everyday I wonder how God, the maker of each beautiful detail in this galaxy, could notice me even when no one else could. It's a mystery, but a mystery I cannot even begin to solve. 

So today, I dare each one of you to see and walk up to those people on the benches, and look past the walls that separate you and them. When God created us, He didn't decide who would be cool, and who wouldn't. Each one of us He created specially and wonderfully made. 
Just a reminder.