Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Valentine's Day Ramble

To some of you Valentines day is gone. Past. Just a memory. Sorry, but I had to ramble about Valentine's day and I just did not manage to post this sooner.

It is interesting watching everyone on Valentine's day. Everybody has a different way of treating the holiday. There are those girls excited about chocolates and love letters. I do not blame them. Let us be serious here, chocolate is the best. There are those people who know they are not getting valentines or chocolates and boast about being single and how great they are for it. Then there are those people that make it half way through the day without realizing what day it is.

Some of you might be like my brother who says his wife  will just have to wait for president's day to celebrate a holiday. All I can say to those of you is be sure to marry the right person.

I like Valentine's Day. Mom always made it fun for us since we were little. Treats. Candle-light dinners. Heart shaped cakes. Anyways, roses are my favorite flowers so I cannot argue with a holiday full of them. 

This Valentines Day was really special, not because I got hundreds valentines and roses and chocolates, but because the small things I did get were given with the most love. 

A heart-shaped cake. A pink valentine in the mail. A crumpled piece of paper with a smiley face drawing on it. Just tiny things, but things that mean more to me than anything else. 

We are all huddled inside on Valentine's day. Together. Family, like it should be. Blizzard singing behind the tightly bolted doors. Diamond snowflakes paste the window. Candles send shadows across the walls. 

I could create in my head the most exquisite Valentine story if I wanted to. One with a golden haired princess and blue eyed prince. Doesn't that sound perfect? But the real Valentine story lies here, in the simple things. Perfection lives in simplicity, I think. 

I do not know why I am rambling, maybe just because I can. I felt like it. 

<3 storyteller


  1. I get photo credit 'cause you are using my camera AND I am in one of those pictures. So, BAM!

  2. The only reason I like Valentine's Day is I get to decorate my house in red with my Valentine bears at the front door. The red really cheers me up, then suddenly it is March so everything changes to green for St. Pat's Day; the truth is I am never ready for green - but it can't be helped; March brings Green!