Monday, February 16, 2015


Hey guys, well I have neglected this blog long enough. I must face the truth. Story blogs steal too much time, too much of my time and too much of yours. In the month of November I wrote a book. Yeah, I have not been lazy. I have crazy plans for it, but this post is not about my book. This post is about my blog. I am going to change this blog. I am about to post random stuff, stuff that I am doing and that I enjoy. Do not worry, there will be stories along the way. It would not be my blog without stories. There will be photos and art and crafts and anything else. Please stay tuned, I love my baby group of followers.
<3 Storyteller

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  1. Big brother here,
    Howdy folks! Your a wise person to join this blog. Living with an emotional, story writer can be quite overwhelming to a brother. At the same time it is exciting. I am excited to see my little sister growing in wisdom, character, and her faith. I hope all will be enlightened, fascinated, and encouraged. Most of all I hope that all will be grown in their Christian faith through reading this blog!