Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I never expected my first petsitting job would end up like this...

"The No Stress Pet"

Somehow I, Kate Romaine, became the best animal-sitter ever. It all started on an unexciting, grey summer afternoon when the door bell rang. I was home babysitting my little sister. I marched to the front door and found myself face-to-face with my bizarre neighbor, Mrs.Green. 
“I have a problem?” she stated.
“Can I help?” I asked bluntly.
Mrs.Green fidgeted nervously, “I think my pet got into your house.”
“What? All the windows and doors are closed, Mrs.Green,” I assured her, feeling annoyed at her interruption. “If a pet shows up I’ll call you.”
“Well,” Mrs.Green looked embarrassed, “I saw it get in.”
How?” I demanded.
Mrs.Green sighed,“The chimney!”
I squinted at Mrs.Green,”Your crazy, right?”
“No,” she answered.
“I can reassure you there is no pet in my house!” I declared stomping my foot. “Don’t worry!”
“OK, but call me when you find her!” Mrs.Green murmured, taking a step back. “Oh and I think I should warn you...”
Suddenly, we heard a blood curdling scream. Terrified, I darted to the family room. Mrs. Green was right behind me. I froze staring at my little sister who stood a foot away from a huge tarantula.
“Kate, the spider is coming for me!” she shrieked.
I picked my sister up and dashed a safe distance away. Mrs.Green calmly picked up the scary creature and said, “Don’t worry! Penelope-Anastasia the second won’t bite. She’s soft and sweet.”
“That’s your pet?” I felt sick to my stomach.   
Mrs.Green smiled,“Do you want to hold her?”
I was not scared, I just wanted to play safe so I quickly answered,”No thanks!”
“She escapes sometimes!” Mrs.Green explained.
“I can see that!” I said feeling dizzy.
Mrs.Green laughed, “You know, if you want, you could watch her next week while I go to Texas. I would really appreciate it.”
I stared at the fuzzy spider and gulped, “I am not much of an animal person.”
“That’s fine!” Mrs. Green grinned and cried, “Penelope-Anastasia the second is so easy! All you have to do every day is feed her three times, take her on a walk, give her her vitamins, brush her hair, and play fetch with her. She’s a no stress pet! Thanks so much for offering! Tell you what, I’ll talk to you on Saturday!”
It took me a few minutes to realize Mrs.Green wasn’t joking.
“God tells us to love our neighbors,” I told my parents that night, “but He never says anything about loving their pets.”
“I think this is a wonderful opportunity!” said Dad. “By watching Anastasia-Penelope...”
“Penelope-Anastasia the second!” I reminded him. 
“ are showing love to your neighbors,” Dad continued.
Mom smiled sadly, “Too many kids today pay attention to themselves more than serving others. You can show Christ’s love by helping Mrs.Green.”
My first day on pet-care duty was quite an adventure. First, I had to feed Penelope-Anastasia II disgusting dried insects. Then, I had to wait thirty minutes after she had finished eating to take her on her walk. Mrs.Green said it was a special precaution so she wouldn’t get cramps. With salad tongs, I lifted Penelope out of her cage. Sure, the tongs were unnecessary, but as my grandma always said, “Safety has it’s benefits!” Since it was cloudy, I decided to let Penelope take her walk inside. She raced all over the room. For half an hour, I let Penelope exercise. Then, I started chasing her around the room with salad tongs. You'd think she would be tired by then! She wasn’t. Finally, Penelope, thinking she could outsmart me, climbed on top of the bookshelf. I had to catch her so I climbed after her. After that I was cleaning up dusty books all afternoon. The shelf had toppled over and made a huge mess. When I was finally done, I realized Penelope was gone! I searched the entire room. By then, I was panicking. It’s bad enough losing your own pet, but it’s horrible losing someone else's. I searched Mrs. Green’s entire house, from the top to the bottom! I just could not accept that I had lost Penelope Anastasia II. At last, I collapsed on the sofa. I scratched my head to think. It was then that I felt something fuzzy on my ear. So much for salad tongs!
I learned that week sacrificing your time for someone else is not easy. God commands us to love one another even when it’s hard.   His Word says in Matthew 20:28 “...the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.”   


  1. Wow! That was a good story! Is it from your book? "After ever after?"

  2. Oops! Just saw that you posted this in 2013!

  3. Haha, that's ok. I'm happy you enjoyed this. This was just a short story I wrote for fun.