Saturday, September 14, 2013

I have not been posting lately because I was so busy during the summer. One of the things I've been doing is working on my book. Wanna peak?


      On a huge estate with her six boisterous uncles, lives a small girl, Winn Maud White. When everyone is around she appears quiet, shy, and polite, but whenever she can Winn escapes to the world of her imagination. She loves to go play down at an abandoned lane and read and write stories about her magical princess who she calls Bluesetta. But one day Winn meets someone else at her Shady Lane. Suddenly Winn has a best friend, Faith Tan. Then life changes for her. Faith disappears, an uncle gets engaged , school starts, and Winn is forced to leave her imagination behind. Can Winn find her best friend? Can she rely on the BEST friend of all? Mystery, grief, changes. Is Winn looking for something that does not exist? -Bluesetta

That's just a sneak peak. Believe  me, its way more! I'm going to try to post plenty from now on. Please submit your email so every time I post it automatically emails you. Thanks! :)

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