Monday, December 23, 2013

My Christmas Story

I decided to write a Christmas story but all the Christmas stories I have ever read, besides the biblical one, are mostly about love, family, kindness, giving, and Christmas spirit. I wanted to do something different. Sorry this is kinda long. Merry Christmas!

My Good Friend Myra,

The maracle we experienced last week at the wedding was unbelievable! I can explain it no better than I could at the time! I do not know how that man made wine out of nothing. But there is something else that shocked me...

When I was very little, I lived with my aunt and uncle in that little town, Bethlehem. They owned an inn there. My memory is weak, but I do recall some things about that time. I spent most of my life there, playing with the girl across the street. Her name was Leah. I look back and smile when I remember how proud she was of her baby brother. We used to watch him for his mother and play with him. But Myra, do not suppose I did not do a fair share of work! Uncle put me to work with odd jobs like folding laundry and sweeping the rooms. The busiest time of year at the inn was when people came to Bethlehem to register. I did not understand why so many people flooded our street, but I knew that my aunt and uncle needed my help so I swept and folded and did extra jobs. Even my uncle, who usually did work at the counter, helped us with the cleaning. It was not long before all the rooms in the inn were packed with guests. Someone was even staying in my little attic room, so I was forced to share with my aunt and uncle. The chores seemed to be endless, but it was an exciting time for me! I watched all the visitors keenly. There was a farmer with a long nose and dark eyebrows who had twelve children. They were all younger than I was. They were ceaselessly getting into trouble and kept the mother and servant girl busy. There was a wealthy man who wore a robe of green. Oh Myra, how awed I was by this ruby ring he wore on one of his fat fingers. As a child, I thought I had seen the most beautiful jewel that existed. But it was a particular visitor that amazed me the most. Of what importance I knew not, but I knew he was important. After all our rooms were filled, many, many more travelers came begging to stay. At last my aunt let a desperate pregnant lady and her husband stay in our stable. Aunt sent me to clean the stable. I tried to make a bed of hay for the guest and clean the stable up as much as possible. From a glance at the visitors, they looked ordinary as far as I could see. I went to bed late that night, late from doing odd jobs for my aunt. I got no sleep . There was lots of  bustling about and soon my aunt came and told me a baby had been born in the stable. As she was telling me this she was called off to answer a knock at the door. I fallowed, interested to see who would come so late. We found a group of shepherds who said God had sent them there. I cannot explain the wonder I felt as I looked at the shabby men at my aunt's front door not because they looked exciting but because I felt like something wonderful and important was happening. I was not sure what. My aunt led the shepherds to the stable to see the new baby. Something was different in my aunt. Whether she was calm or wild,  joyful or sad, confused or not I could not figure out. If I was surprised to see shepherds at the door, imagine my shock when I was sent to answer the door a little later and met three kings. Never in my life had I seen such extraordinary men. The green ring I had marveled at earlier was nothing compared to the jewels covering these men. They were wearing jewels of every color, crowns of pure gold, and purple robes of silk. Usually I am not shy, as you know Myra, but the sight of such grandeur stunned me so badly I could not speak. They asked where the child was so I led them to the stable with out a word. I hardly trusted my feet, but I managed to lead them somehow. Aunt sent me to bed before I could go into the stable myself. Of course I was disappointed, but I obeyed though I never fell asleep that night. At the crack of dawn I ran down to the stable in hopes of seeing the baby for myself. The stable was empty. The shepherds and kings were gone. If I could not recall it so well I would have concluded that it was all dream. My uncle told me they had left in the night. I did not know why. 

Several days later when this was still on my mind a second thing took place that I have never forgotten. It happened on an evening when I was sent to bed, this time to my own room. All of the sudden I heard a baby cry. I was startled and ran to my aunt. She wrapped me up close and held me tightly in her arms trying to muffle the sound from my ears. No matter what she did I could hear the scream. It raced through my heart like a cold knife. It was not one baby's cry but many. The wail of others too. The wail of the city. This all happened so long ago and I was to young to understand but I knew a few things. One was that after that I did not play with Leah's baby brother anymore. There was no more baby brother to play with. I felt like the child that had been born in our stable had something to do with all this. I could not figure out how such a wonderful baby could bring upon such sorrow in the city. The whole town seemed to weep after that dark night. I will never forget it. 

So Myra, you are probably wondering what all of this has to do with the miracle at the wedding feast? There is no doubt about it. The mother of that man who did that amazing miracle was the same lady who came to our inn so many years ago. When I saw her at the wedding feast I recognized her at once! She is the mother of that wonderful baby. I think the man who made wine out of nothing, her son, was the baby grown up. Now do you see my excitement! I could not explain this all at the feast so I am trying to put my emotions on paper in this letter. The lady was the very same though a little older looking. 

I have been thinking as I write this and have decided there is only one way we can explain all of this. The baby born so long ago in my Aunt and Uncle's stable must be the promised Messiah! Please do not laugh at me. I am not joking. Remember the Prince of Peace promised by God's prophets. It is written that he would come as a child born in the town of Bethlehem. My dear friend Myra, we have seen the promised one! I still do not understand everything. How could the child who would save us all bring sorrow to Bethlehem? I think this prince is bringing us something more then victory over our enemies. I think His victory will stretch farther then we have ever imagined! It is greater then saving children from death. I think this Messiah is bringing everlasting joy!

Your Friend,


"For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given;
and the government shall be upon his shoulder,
and his name shall be caller Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6


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