Thursday, December 6, 2012


"The First Journey"

Point Two

Out from behind the bush, a savage soldier stared at them. Hoe leaped forward and poked the man in the stomach with a stick.

"None of that, little boy," commanded the stranger.

Hoe stopped and peaked up at the man. Hoe was trembling because to him he had just done the bravest thing he had ever attempted to do before. This man looked like a giant to Hoe.

"I am Sir Icmath. I do not plan on hurting either of you children. In fact I think I can use you," the knight explained.

"You look like one of the knights who destroyed my village," cried Brenda her voice trembling from anger and fear.

"I know. I ran away from them," Sir Icmath said solemnly. "They are evil men trying to gain power. I was brought up as one of them. Did I like it? No, I hated that life. I have at last escaped. I have a plan, and I will need your help."

"Can we trust you?" asked Brenda staring at the tall man doubtfully.

Sir Icmath laughed, "You do not have much of a choice."

Hoe stomped and shouted, "Hoe won't help!"

Sir Icmath glared at Hoe and turned back to Brenda, "Explain to that boy that he does not have a choice. Hurry! We need to go on our way."

"What do you mean?" Brenda frowned at Sir Icmath.

"Were going to the City of Fire.  That is where head quarters are," Sir Icmath stated sternly.

Sighing heavily, Brenda nudged Hoe and mumbled, "He is right. We have no choice."

Hoe trailed behind them without a word.

"What is you plan?" asked Brenda addressing the soldier. "Are you planning on gathering a troop or something?"

Sir Icmath laughed again, "There is only one way to defeat this group. They have one weakness."

"What is that?" Brenda sighed.

"They are not used to being surprised. They are used to surprising others. Headquarters is underground. A troop of thousands of people could not defeat them. A troop of one person could," declared Sir Icmath thoughtfully.

"You are that one person," Brenda guessed.

"Nope," the big knight grinned, "You are."

to be continued 


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